In the fall of 2009 the Bank Beer Company was born. After a year of planning and brewing on his kitchen stove, Jason launched Rooster Lager.

Rooster Lager is crafted with the finest ingredients. Using North Dakota Barley, Carpils and 2 Row Carmel Malt and finished with flecks of wheat give Rooster lager full body, a hint of nuttiness, and great amber color that leaves a crisp refreshing taste. The pleasant maltiness is balanced by the subtle sweetness and mild bitterness. The mild hoppy flavor is supplied by the light fruity fuggles hops and finished with tettnang hops that give it a smooth finish with a touch of spice. It is a great beer that is refreshing and solid in craftsmanship.

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Rooster Lager:

In 2010 The Bank Beer Company Launched Walleye Chop, a copper lager.
Walleye Chop pours a clear Copper color with good body and head. Made with North Dakota Barley, Two Row lite Carmel Malt, Carapils and touch of Oats gives Walleye Chop has a refreshing flavor that leaves a crisp bite. The pleasant hoppy citrus and floral aroma and slight pine is well balanced with a subtle bread backbone. This hopped lager is made for a session. The details are in the ingredients. Enjoy and be refreshed!

Walleye Chop Lager:

Walleye Chop Beer
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Longbeard Winter Wheat Lager:

A unique American Lager, almost black with a nice mahogany head, the large dose of wheat gives Longbeard body but allows it a light taste. The dark roasted malt gives way to a slight wooden note and makes this dark beer almost drink light. Designed for the between season when winter gives way to spring.
Longbeard Winter Wheat Beer